Zielony Domek
Price list
These prices do not apply in the period: Rajdu Polski WRC, Mazurskiej Nocy Kabaretowej, Picnic Country, Triathlonu Volvo Series, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Easter.


The day starts from 14.00 to 11.00 . Tourist tax is 2,22 zł from person. In addition, you can buy breakfast in the price 22 zł.

Nip: 742-217-76-28


We accept credit card payments :

All payments made to the bookings are treated as a deposit and are credited towards the stay, and in the event of cancellation of the reservation they are not refundable (zgodnie z art. 394 Ustawy z dnia 23 kwietnia 1964 r. Kodeks cywilny Dz. U. Nr 16, poz. 93 ze zm.).

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Zosia and Jarek Majewscy